Monday, May 8, 2017

Resume Reel

This resume reel is composed of all the projects worked on this semester. The videos show how well i can use Adobe premier and how i well i conduct myself on camera. In the reel is one of my two minute newscasts i wasn't able to get the second, my video on the Donald Trump election, my final news package, and my Q&A.
Check out my video below.

Final Package

I decided to do my package on finals week since a lot of people stress over their finals. I interviewed some of my classmates and asked what advice they could give to people that are having trouble during finals.
Finals are the most important test that we college students encounter in college. It's the final test for the semester that sums up everything we learned in that class for the entire semester. 
Check out my video below.


The assignment in class was to conduct a question and answer interview with a classmate or anyone we wanted to interview. I chose to interview my fellow classmate Vic Douglas for the assignment. We did the interview in one day it did take a few takes, but we got it done.
The scene was in a classroom and it was filmed by Csyabeaw Ford.
Check out my video below.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We were given the assignment in class to do a two minute newscast on current events either on campus or local news. Each story had to be 20 seconds long and the sports had to be 10 seconds. We also had to write a script as well. Check out my video below.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Let's Talk Politics

We were given the assignment in class to go out on our SC State campus and interview 5 people. The questions to ask were: How do you feel about Donald Trump being inaguarated? How do you feel about Barack Obama's presidency? and What grade would you give his term as president? The answers given to those three questions were far from short but not at all boring answers.

The students I interviewed were very dissatisfied with Trump being president but of course had nothing but great things to say about Barack Obama. Check out my video below.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

PSA: Stop Bullying

We were to choose to do either a 60-90 second PSA or a commercial for our final project in Harwood's Advanced TV Production class. I chose to do a PSA on bullying since it is a major problem in our schools. A lot of children won't tell anyone at home that they're being bullied, and the parents don't ask questions. No one knows until it's too late.

The project itself wasn't difficult at all, it was trying to find people to stage as a bullying scene that was the hard part, but it all came together. Trying to edit it together while keeping all the good material was a hard task as well. We were told to have 15-17 different angles and i couldn't see how to do that with the material i had, because it was more of a story to every shot i captured. My PSA was on bullying and here is my video.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quick Takes

Our assignment was to find three videos that we wanted to use for this project, and record ourselves talking about the video and why we chose it. The project seemed kind of hard when i first heard the assignment, but jumping right into it and actually doing it, it didn't seem so hard after all.

The videos i chose were: A scene from Orange Is The New Black, a clip from America's Next Top Model where Tyra Banks yells at a girl, and Solange's  Don't Touch My Hair lyric video. I chose the first scene because OITB (Orange Is The New Black) is one of my favorite TV shows. I chose the second scene because i really like that song and its powerful meaning behind it. I chose the last scene because i just thought it was funny, Tyra Banks is usually so professional and composed, I've never seen her act out like that.