Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five Questions Sequence

We were given the assignment to do a five questions sequence where we each had to produce (record), host, and be the guest of the short sequence. The project seemed simple enough when we discussed it in class, but actually finding the time and people to do it was the hard part. I worked with Kiiyah Stokes and Lynn McGrier where Kiiyah was the host and Lynn was the guest.

As producer, i was tasked with recording shots of Lynn and Kiiyah at different angles. I first, had to start the intro with the two of them in a wide shot, then, record just Lynn with Kiiyah asking her questions and Lynn answering, then, one of Kiiyah just asking the questions, and lastly, the two of them in a wide shot again. Moving the camera around and around was quite the task lol but we got the job done.

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